Did you know fruits are our best friends when it comes to weight loss? Fruits are loaded by fibers, vitamins, and other nutrients that help us in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Fruits are nature’s gift to us. A ready-made pack with lots of essential nutrients and numerous health benefits, fruits are no less than a powerhouse for our body.

fruits good for weight loss

High in fiber content and low in calories are the qualities that make fruits our weight loss partner. They help us fulfill our sugar cravings. But should you be eating fruits during your weight loss journey? Well, surely you can eat any fruit during weight loss as long as you stay in a calorie deficit. 

However, there are some fruits that can actually help you reduce weight. These fruits are best for cutting fat from your body and easily available in the market. 


Watermelon is among the top fruits best known for weight loss. Available in the summer season, watermelon can surely help cut those extra pounds. 

Watermelon, as the name suggests, has 91% water and 6% sugar. 100gm of watermelon contains only 30 calories. 

fruits good for weight loss

Consuming watermelon will ensure that your body is hydrated. And when you have plenty of water in your system, it automatically flushes the toxins out of it. 

Not only this, but the watermelon is also rich in Beta- carotene, the natural fat burners, amino acids, lycopene, potassium, etc. 


The famed fruit which keeps the doctor away, apple is available in India all around the year. We all know the numerous health benefits of an apple. 

100gm of apple has only 52 calories. It is rich in dietary fiber which keeps us full for a longer period of time. 

fruits good for weight loss

More importantly, apples are packed with Polyphenols. Polyphenols are known to boost your metabolism. Polyphenols present in apples may also increase immune responses, detoxify cancer-causing agents, and repair cell damage. 

So an apple a day keeps not only the doctor as well as the fat away. 


Oranges are super rich in vitamin C which is really helpful in weight loss. It can become a great choice of fruit in a weight loss journey as it is low in calories, low in Glycemic index, and high in fibers. 

fruits good for weight loss

100gm of orange has only 47 calories. Oranges are known to keep our digestive system strong. This keeps our body free from toxins because of the slow bowel movements. 

Rich in antioxidants, orange keeps our immune system strong.


Banana is a healthful addition to a balanced diet, as it is rich in vital nutrients and fibers. 

Although bananas are not directly linked to weight loss they cater to other health benefits like reducing bloating and curb sugar cravings. 

Banana is a great source of carbohydrates that keeps the digestive system full for quite a long time and you feel satiated for a longer period. 

Thus a person on a weight loss journey can definitely include bananas in the diet but in moderation. 


They say you are what you eat. Loaded with several health benefits, fruits can definitely be a part of our daily diet. Fruits contain fructose which keeps away the cravings of sugar. We have a variety of fruits which can help in shedding those extra inches and thus help us in achieving our weight loss targets if used in moderation.