Presently, green tea has become a popular sensation for weight loss. No doubt green tea is the healthiest beverage on the earth. You can witness so many green tea benefits for health.

Brewing or steeping is a process of making green tea, in which leaves are put into hot water so that their nutrients will enter into the water. The effects of that water are very beneficial to our bodies.

Green Tea Benefits and Side Effects

Consumption of green tea, regularly, is very beneficial for your health. There are numerous Green tea benefits which are: 

  • Green tea is a recommended option for preventing cancer. It is rich in polyphenols that help in killing cancerous cells and tumor growth. It helps in preventing many types of cancer such as breast cancer, bladder cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer, etc. 
  • One of the popular green tea benefits is weight loss; people are obsessed with green tea and weight loss. Because the amount of caffeine present in green tea works as a stimulant for burning fat and helps in improving exercise effects on our body.

  • Green tea has also been beneficial for reducing stress. As it contains an ingredient called theanine which is a type of amino acid that provides a calm and relaxing effect on the brain. 
  • Researchers have observed surprising green tea benefits if consumed with lemon such as it helps in strengthening digestion, lowering the risk of diabetes, keep hairs and skin healthy, also helps in weight loss, etc.
  • Green tea with lemon contains vitamin C which helps in making the healing process faster. If you get hurt, green tea will help in quick healing of that wound.
There are different types of green tea such as matcha green tea, jasmine tea, Lipton green tea, and many more. Recipes of Different Green Tea:

Matcha green tea is made by grinding young tea leaves into a bright green powder. Matcha tea benefits are that it helps in protecting the life of the liver, contains natural antioxidants, boost brain functioning, promotes heart health, etc. 

Jasmine tea is another type of green tea that is scented with the aroma of the jasmine plant. Jasmine tea benefits are similar to the benefits of green tea. It is rich in antioxidants, aid in losing weight, protect the heart, promotes oral health, etc.

Lipton Green Tea is a product of Unilever Food Solutions, the most recommended brand. Lipton green tea benefits are that it helps in losing weight, boost you with energy, keeping you focused, protecting the heart health, keeping you hydrated, and many more. 

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We know the advantages of green tea, but we must also consider the side effects of green tea: 

Drinking green tea can be harmful if consumed for a long time or in high dosages. More than 8 cups a day is unsafe to the body, it may cause side effects because of the caffeine content. 

If stimulant drugs are taken with green tea, it could lead to harmful effects on the blood pressure, as it could increase the heart rate 

It can make irritation in the stomach if consumed too brewed and empty stomach. Green tea can cause headaches, because of the caffeine content. It can also cause sleeping problems, as it provides energy to do tasks.


We have learned so many benefits of drinking green tea regularly. There are many options for green tea such as matcha tea, jasmine tea, and Lipton green tea. But also look after the dosage of its consumption, as it may be harmful to the body.