Green tea is considered an anti-aging beverage, contains lots of health benefits, and loaded with antioxidants and nutrient which are good for body and mind. Brought by China, it is used as medicine for many decades around the world.

Benefits of green tea you may aware.

WEIGHT LOSS– drinking green tea  Improves metabolism, a polyphenol which found in green tea decrease fat oxidation, and helps in reducing weight.

DIABETES-  Drinking green tea helps to reduce the rise of sugar after eating, which controls the sugar level in the body.

HEART DISEASES- As per the scientist’s drinking green tea helps the blood vessels relaxed and preventing the formation of clots that lead to a heart attack.

CHOLESTEROL-  Drinking green tea boosts good cholesterol and reduces bad cholesterol.

There are many more benefits of drinking  tea with lemon, Here are some advantages of different Green teas:

Lipton Green Tea

  • Lipton green tea with lemon helps in digestion as ruined the extra alkaline situated in the large and small intestine, green tea with lemon helps to slow down iron assimilation from food in your diet.
  • Lipton green tea is valuable to our skin and hairs as it contains anti-oxidants and high vitamins such as A and C.
  • Lemons are one of the main sources of vitamin C that help cure wounds and improves bones moreover teeth.
  • Lemon with Lipton green tea can fight against cancer as per the studies, they contain phytochemicals and antioxidants plus EGCG  are natural elements that protect your body from cell damage.
  • Intake of Lipton green tea with lemon eliminate acidity in the body, lemon has both citric and ascorbic acid that helps in maintaining the PH level of the body.


It is a natural antioxidant and protects your liver, many studies have proven the positive results of matcha tea in 90 days trials like a fatty liver issue and lower of liver diseases.


From a regular coffee to jasmine tea reduce your caffeine intake by a major difference, and help to stay focus and alert.

Jasmine tea is also known for weight loss as it boosts metabolism. Faster metabolism processes nutrients and macronutrients easier that leads to weight of the powerful benefits of jasmine tea is its wonderful aroma that helps to reduce the stress level quickly.


  • Access intake of green tea leads to some of the IRON DEFICIENCY leads to lower RBC.
  • Green tea contains a certain amount of caffeine that improves our central nervous system, but consuming it in large amounts can cause problems like an increase in heart rate.

Many studies show that drinking an excessive amount of green tea during pregnancy can create a negative impact on the newborn. intake of more than 300 mg of caffeine leads to hypertension during pregnancy and leads to a major problem for newborns and mothers. Many people consume green tea in an excessive way that leads to liver damage.

In the end, if the consumption of green tea in a controlled manner leads to many health benefits. the excessive intake of anything leads to suffering.