A delicate but highly contagious virus is spreading from person to person and has infected countries all across the world. The virus is getting stronger day by day and has become a cause of huge loss of lives. The scientists and researchers are still finding treatment for the virus and are also looking for its means of transmission. Since the virus is new, the experts are not prepared for it. So the only solution to this worldwide problem is to maintain social distancing and control its spread.

Maintain Social DIstancing

  1. SOCIAL DISTANCING, to maintain distance from people around you, avoid public gatherings and crowded market is the best way to stop the spread. Stay home as much as possible. All this will help you from getting infected and also prevent you from being a carrier of the virus.
  2. Avoid physical contact like handshakes, holding hands, or hugs especially from those who have symptoms of cough, cold, etc. Also do not touch the exposed surfaces like tables, chairs, door handles, etc in public areas.
  3. Practice good hygiene and cleanliness even if you are at home. Wash hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds properly. Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer whenever out.
  4. Cover your mouth with mask or handkerchief to avoid virus transmission through the air. Also, try and wear disposable gloves when you move out.

These are some of the measures to protect yourself and stay healthy during COVID-19 and help yourself remain uninfected and also to avoid being a carrier of the virus unknowingly. If you are safe the community is safe.