With the global pandemic COVID-19 looming over our heads, working from home and practicing social distancing were the only options we had. All of us tried to look at the brighter side of it and saw this as an opportunity to achieve some ‘lockdown goals’ and tried to stay fit and healthy during such times.

The goals could be that book you owned that was never read till the end, to sign up for an online course and develop new skills or binge watch on Netflix. Even though with so much time in our hands, there were instances where we found ourselves so distracted that we couldn’t stay focused and often read the same sentence thrice in a book. 

So here are some tips to increase concentration and stay fit and healthy while being at home:

This work from home and social distancing has become the new normal in the present times. And most of us aren’t quite used to it. With everything going on we’re spending too much time on social media platforms or watching the news. There’s just too much information around us which is reducing our attention span towards how we can stay fit and healthy. We’re having trouble doing even the simplest of tasks.

  1. Mindfulness is one way to deal with this. It’s a tool that involves becoming more aware of our surroundings, how we are feeling etc. By observing such things, it helps us to stay fit and healthy and in embracing these changes as normal and accepting them as it is. We become better managers of our emotions and it also helps in minimizing distractions and focus only on the present moment.  
  2. Take charge– Taking charge of the things that we can control is probably the best thing we could do for ourselves. This is the right time to inculcate positive habits and have a structured routine given that we can’t follow the older one in such a crisis. Start small by waking up at the same time every day and eating a healthy breakfast. This alone can have a huge impact on the mind and body and help anyone to stay fit and healthy.  
With all the gyms closed, here are a few ways by which one can burn just as many calories at home as they used to at the gym:

Stay Fit and Healthy

  1. Fitness DVD’s– The fitness DVD’s have an array of dance forms that one can learn from. Picture these DVDs as your own virtual personal trainer. If you don’t have such DVD’s then there are plenty of fitness videos available on YouTube. Also, there are some channels on the television that broadcast fitness videos. This activity will surely help in shedding those unwanted and unhealthy calories and let you stay fit and healthy even after this phase. It would be even better if you have a partner with you. 
  2. Yoga– It benefits the mind and body equally. It improves the blood circulation in the entire body, adds years to our lives, reduces the stress in our minds. It makes one feel more focused and alert. This has proven to enhance concentration is not just studies but in all aspects to stay fit and healthy. 
  3. Dancing– Now who doesn’t like dancing? Even those who shy away from dancing at weddings love dancing. Some of us might be good at it or terrible at it. But when it comes to dancing to stay in good health, we all should make the most of it to stay fit and healthy. It’s enjoyable and stress-busting. It’s a great way to get the heart worked up and stay fit and healthy. 

The present times are hard on each of us. But it’s important to take care of our mind and body. It’s not necessary to be on our toes all the time. Just take one step at a time and keep going to stay fit and healthy for now and forever. In case you want to counsel regarding the same you can consult the best psychiatrist in India.