Masturbation: Natural Process of Pleasure

Masturbation is a topic most people feel shy to talk about, but it is a totally normal and healthy activity. Almost everybody performs it and it is a natural way to explore your body. But to talk about the masturbation side effects and benefits is still a taboo.

Many people get embarrassed talking about it because of the myths that it is a shameful and dirty thing to do. You may feel that nobody does it, but masturbation is a private thing which people usually avoid talking about. 

But the fun fact is most of the people in the world masturbate. Men masturbate, women masturbate, transgender masturbate, gay masturbate and bisexual people masturbate. Some people masturbate a few times a day, whereas some of them never masturbated which is totally normal too. 


It involves arousing yourself sexually by touching your genitals usually till the point of orgasm. And yes, it is totally normal to masturbate. It is a pleasure-seeking activity that helps you to explore yourself. 

People explore their bodies by using different things for masturbation like hands, fingers, vibrators, everyday objects, sex toys, etc. By masturbating you learn a lot about your body such as what you like and don’t like sexually.

Benefits of Masturbating

One of the common myths about it is that it causes blindness, but the fact is it is a safe activity and doesn’t cause blindness or insanity. People masturbate for many reasons such as for pleasure, enjoyment, fun, etc. As it provides several benefits to your body.

Improves Heart Health:

Masturbation is similar to exercise as it helps your blood pressure intact. It is a good activity to maintain a healthy heart and also contributes to lower the risk of diabetes. 

Improves Sleep:

If you are experiencing trouble sleeping, you try masturbating before sleep. After orgasm, you will feel more relaxed and sleep more deeply. Because of masturbation, your body releases a load of endorphins and oxytocin which make you feel good and fall asleep easily.  

Strengthen Pelvic Floor:

To strengthen the pelvic floor people try different exercises, whereas masturbation could do the same. The contractions which occur during orgasm strengthen your pelvic muscles. It also helps with urinary issues like incontinence and erectile function. 

Improve Sex Life:

Evidence suggests that women who masturbate have a good sex life. Because of masturbation you learn what you like and practice it with your partner. That provides satisfaction within you as well as your partner which will lead to better sex life. 

Reduce Stress or Tension:

Studies suggest that masturbation contributes to a reduction in the levels of stress or worry. As due to masturbation your body releases a relaxation hormone known as serotonin which also gives a feeling of happiness in your body. It has helped women in relieving tension or stress from their minds. 

Masturbation Side Effects And Benefits

Masturbation provides many benefits and but yes, there are also side effects of masturbation and it is a harmless activity. But some people experience side-effects of masturbating. These side-effects usually heal in a few days. 

Disruption of Daily Life:

Rarely, some people masturbate more than they wish which can lead to:

  • Make them miss school, work, or any other important social events.
  • Interrupt with daily life. 
  • Negatively affects the responsibilities and your relationships.
  • Act as an escape from relationship problems.
  • Work as a substitute for real-life experiences. 

People who think are adversely disturbed by the masturbation should talk to a healthcare professional. The professional will help them by suggesting some therapy or intervention from which they could manage your sexual behavior. 


Some people feel guilty about practicing masturbation because of their cultural, spiritual, or religious beliefs. They come in conflict with their pleasure and their beliefs. 

However, masturbation isn’t a wrong or shameful practice. But because of your societal expectations, you experience a large amount of guilt practicing it. 

If you are feeling guilty, you should talk to your loved ones or someone your trust. You can also go and talk with therapists or counselors. Discussing feelings with someone will help you move past your guilt or shame.

Decrease Sexual Sensitivity:

One should look through the method they masturbate. As if someone has too harsh or aggressive masturbation methods, it can cause a reduction in the sensation they experience. 

Vibrators have been suggested as a solution in these situations. Both men and women can experience improved sexual functioning through the use of vibrators. 

Prostate Cancer:

Some of the studies suggest that men who ejaculate more than 5 times per week are less likely to develop prostate cancer than those who ejaculate less.

Researchers estimate that less frequent ejaculation can increase the risk of getting prostate cancer in men. Another study states that men who masturbate more than 21 times per month have shown a reduction in the risk of developing prostate cancer. 


Masturbation is a common activity. Evidence suggests that 80% of the population masturbates and the rest 20% may lie about it. Some people think that masturbation is only for people who are single, but people with partners also enjoy it a lot. It doesn’t cause problems to masturbate too much until it starts affecting your daily functioning and your experience any signs side effects of masturbation. If you experience that, you should seek a professional’s help.

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