Not Feeling Hungry 

Not feeling hungry doesn’t mean that you don’t feel hungry at a time on someday, but constantly no hunger feeling overall the day for weeks. Feeling hungry is a signal which the body sends when it needs energy.

The body needs its fuel to work efficiently, but if for some reason a person starts to feel lost appetite; he/she may not provide its fuel which will lead to hindrance in the functioning of the body. 

Reasons for not Feeling Hungry 

When the person has lost the desire to eat, this is a condition known as loss of appetite. The causes or reasons behind this feeling can be:-

Stress, which has multiple effects on the person’s mental as well as physical functioning. It is the main reason why people experience no hunger feeling because the mind is continuously engaged in stressful thoughts. 

Brain, when stressed, starts releasing chemicals such as adrenaline which leads to an increase in heart rate and makes the digestion process very slow. 

not feeling hungry

Some common causes for not feeling hungry are flu, cold and cough, constipation, viral infections, digestive issues, upset stomach, hormonal imbalance, pregnancy, alcohol addiction, and so on. 

Medical problems that could also lead to loss of appetite are diabetes, cancer, depression, dementia, HIV, AIDS, chronic kidney or liver disease, and many more.

No hunger feeling could be because of taking too much medication or having side effects from medications that are taken for treatment. Some medications are sleeping pills, antibiotics, sedatives, blood pressure medicines, etc. 

Loss of appetite also happens in a condition called anorexia nervosa, where the person feels that he/she is overweight or fat and starts dieting or cutting down meals. The person feels that it would be the best way to lose weight, but in reality, this way becomes very harmful for that person. 

Coping with Loss of Appetite

The people who experience no hunger feelings could start by consuming small about of food or consider having one fourth or one-third of the regular meals. 

You can prepare food which you like the most, which has a good taste and looks good too. It will help in lighting some desires to eat. Another thing is you should avoid areas or places where you smell unpleasant odors which lower your motivation to eat. 

People experiencing loss of appetite should avoid fried or greasy foods because these foods make you feel bloated and full which leads to no hunger feelings. 

children having lunch

Another coping strategy is that you should eat with friends or family, socialize while eating. Because when people are sitting in a social setting, they tend to eat more as the meeting becomes enjoyable and fun. 

Physical activity like yoga, cardio, walking, jogging, etc., helps in reducing stress and making you healthy. When the stress is reduced you may feel hungry again as the exercise will use all the energy you have consumed. 

If the stress is about losing weight, physical activity is the fastest way to lose weight and also keeping your body healthy. 


Loss of appetite refers to a condition when a person experiences no hunger feelings. This could be because of multiple reasons like stress, any medical condition, etc. People think that the fastest way to lose weight is to cut down calories or don’t eat at all, another reason people lose their appetite. But you should how to make metabolism faster side by side maintaining a healthy weight.  There are some treatment options you could do at home to treat you lost appetite.

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