With the advancement of technology, work from home has become another factor for the growth of the organization as well as employees. These days, the pandemic situation has led everyone to work from home. 

Working from home has led to harm to your body posture. Posture refers to the position of your body while you are sitting or standing. Posture performs an important role in your life, as if when your body is in an upright position, you look confident, your self-esteem increases, and your personality improves. 

Good Posture Tips

There are some tips which help you keep a good posture throughout the day:-

Become aware of your posture while you work from home, as to how you are sitting or standing. Become mindful of your posture while you are eating, watching T.V., walking, etc. When you gain knowledge about your posture you can start to change it, as some people don’t know that their posture is wrong. 

When you are sitting while working from home, you shouldn’t stress your spine. When you are sitting like a sloth it puts a strain on your bones, joints, and muscles. 

Good Posture Tips

You can customize your workspace by adding footrests, backrests, etc. Start using a headset which can be helpful for long calls as it doesn’t strain your neck.

You can take a break of 2-5 mints, by walking or stretching your body. It can help when you are experiencing any muscle or joint pain. 

Change your sitting position every 30 minutes, as you should not sit in the same position for too long. And make sure that the resources needed to work are at a comfortable height for you. 

Good Posture Exercises

To maintain a good or correct posture, you should first check your posture. You have to stand against the wall where your head, shoulders, and butt is touching the wall and your heels should be six inches from the wall. The larger the gap between your neck and the wall, the weaker your posture will be.

There are many exercises to correct posture like:-

  • Plank, as having a strong core is the key to have a good posture. Plank tones the core muscles and strengthens the abdominal muscles, it is also beneficial for shoulders and back. 

Good Posture Exercises

  • Child’s pose, in which you have to sit on your shinbones with your knees pressed together. Crawl forwards with your hands stretched out and slowly place your hips on your heels. Place your head on the floor or mat and breathe deeply for 5-10 minutes. 

Forward fold in which you stretch your body and try touching your toes while standing. Also try to tuck your chin in the knees and breathe for 5-10 minutes. 

Child’s pose

  • Posture exercises gym are the exercises that you should do in the gym to improve your posture. These exercises are, Lat Hang, in which you have to hang yourself on a rod or a bar in the gym and hold for 5-10 minutes. For better results, you should do it 2 sets of it. 

Posture Exercise Gym

  • Cat/cow, in which you have to pose like a cat and stretch your back upwards with keeping your head down and then stretch it downwards with keeping your head up. Repeat this for 6-10 times for faster improvement of your posture.

cat/cow posture


Stretches for posture are very beneficial; stretching is one of the best posture exercises in the world. Most of the exercises to improve posture include stretching, so stretching in whatever way you like (given it should be done properly) is very beneficial for your body. Now, you should work on your posture by doing exercises and becoming aware of your posture. As when your posture is perfect, you look perfect.

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