In today’s materialistic world where everyone has a hectic lifestyle, bad food habits, disturbed sleeping cycle, long working hours which results in bad health. In the hope of improvement, some knocks on the door of a gym or go to yoga classes or some become their own instructors. No matter what path they choose – running and sprinting is one of the best way to burn belly fat and are also important exercises for all. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said “The First wealth is health.” So I’ll elaborate to you all about running and sprinting and their benefits.


Running is considered to be a form of a cardiovascular exercise that can be performed for at least 10 minutes to be considered aerobic, using oxygen to primarily fuel your muscle cells. For running there is no determined speed that classifies a run, Still, you run at a speed that causes you to breathe heavier and break a sweat. 

best way to burn belly fat

As a very general and simplistic rule, an average-sized runner will burn about 100 calories per mile(1.6 km). So if your goal is to burn 500 calories, you need to run about five miles( 8 km).


In sprints, a runner maintains his full speed for the entire run. When you start to sprint you get your body turned into an anaerobic zone and use glycogen rather than oxygen to fuel your muscle cells. The buildup of glycogen produces lactic acid which makes you quickly feel fatigued and, in some cases, a burning sensation in your muscles. This is the reason why you cannot hold sprint for long distances or durations. After finishing your sprint, you tend to breathe extremely hard in order to maintain the oxygen deficit that occurs during exercise. 

According to some studies it has also proved that you can burn as many as 200 calories in just two and a half minutes of hardcore sprints. If you start to sprint for a solid 15 minutes, you can burn up to a staggering 1,200 calories in those 15 minutes of sprints! Sprinting workouts are usually very intense and if you have been inactive or if you have not run in some time don’t forget to stretch before sprinting.


The best way is to start from jogging for some time, do a little warm then move to run and sprinting. If you are already in your routine of working out or running on a daily basis, one of the sprinting benefits is that it enhances your fitness, especially if you do a similar run multiple times per week. If you complete primarily sprinting workouts, running nonstop for 30 or more minutes improves your cardiovascular endurance but decreases your sprint performance.

Use the calculator to Learn How Many Calories You’re Burning- 

Calorie Calculator

According to CNN, a 90kg man would burn 113 calories walking 1 mile (1.6km), and 151 calories jogging for the same distance.

Running Vs Sprinting

  • Running and sprinting are vigorous-intensity exercises. While they both running and sprinting use the same muscle groups, but the difference lies in speed. Sprinting is considered to be a more powerful, faster form of running that can only be performed in short spurts. However, both running and sprinting can get you in better shape and help you stay active and reach your fitness goals. 
  • Every 5 minutes of running at a 10-minute-per-mile pace burn about 45 calories and to burn 1 pound (.45kg) fat you need to burn 3500 calories. Losing a half-pound to 2 pounds considered a safe and healthy losing plan. More than means you’re losing fat as well. Studies have shown that you can burn 200 calories in just two and a half minutes of hardcore sprints. If you were to sprint for a solid 15 minutes, that would be up to 1,200 calories burned!
  • Sprinting and running both are the best way to burn belly fat and also helps you stay active. If you only have 30 minutes, you burn more calories with a sprint-and-walk interval than with a 30-minute non-stop run. Sprinting workouts burn more calories after the workout compared to steady running.

Running and sprinting both are considered as one the best way to burn belly fat. Sprinting works faster than running. If we add a healthy diet and sound sleep with running and sprinting are the best way to burn belly fat and gonna help you a lot to get rid of belly fat. A strict diet is very necessary which includes less bad carbs and more good carbs i.e. cabbage, sprouts, broccoli, sweet potatoes, black beans, onion, garlic, eggs, wild salmon, chicken breast, berries, apples, peaches, avocadoes, almonds, walnuts, and nuts. Protein helps to build muscles. Have plenty of water and you should reduce consumption of soda, alcohol, coffee, energy drinks, beer, and other sugar-sweetened beverages. Lastly a sound sleep is very important which helps to repair your cells and maintain metabolism. 


As we can see, apart from the differences in pace and effort, sprinting and running use different energy systems. For these reasons, it is important that if you decide to follow the one which is the best way to burn belly fat out of these two and add one of these into your daily or weekly routine that it will help your fitness goals. Please consult your healthcare professional before following any new exercises.

Finally, remember to stretch after every run, or sprint to avoid injuries. As Tom Stoppard said “I am not my body. My body is nothing without me.”  Stay safe and healthy.

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