Snacking between Meals

Snacking means you have something to eat between meals. People have different opinions on ‘Is Snacking between meals good or bad?’ Some believe that it is a healthy measure, while others think of this as a bad thing.

Snacking definition doesn’t state that eating something healthy or not, it just refers to consuming some food or beverage between two meals.

snacking between meals

Snacking is Good

It is good when you take your meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) on time, and between those meals you have some healthy snacks like fruits, salad, vegetables, etc.

Eating healthy in snacks can also help you in gaining or losing weight (whichever you desire), given you workout for that.

Snacking helps you keep your hunger levels on an even keel. And it is important to have healthy snacks between the meals.

You should consider the amount and the frequency of snacking, even when these are healthy snacks. Because these factors also play an important role in your health.

snacking between meals

Some preferable snacks between breakfast and lunch are almonds, which contain vitamin E and also benefit from losing weight. Chocolate (with milk) helps in improving our cognition and boosts blood flow to the brain in older people.

Some fruits which benefit the body, taken between breakfast and lunch are bananas, berries, avocado containing 100 or fewer calories to help in improving the immune system as well as the digestive system.

There are some advisable snacks between lunch and dinner such as whole-grain cereal with milk, hard-boiled eggs, protein shake, etc., which are really beneficial for your body.

Snacks help Gain Muscle

There are some bodybuilding snacks between meals that can help if you want to be a bodybuilder.

Oatmeal bowl, which is a perfect source of carbs for muscle building. If you eat it uncooked it will give you high carbohydrates, low sugar, a small amount of protein as well.

Peanut butter shake, one of the popular and significant bodybuilding snacks. It contains 300-400 calories, but it doesn’t include protein, you can add protein in the shake.

snacking between meals

Chicken salad, which includes boiled chicken with vegetables like broccoli, beans, corn, asparagus, tomatoes, onions, etc., whatever you prefer. This is a high protein snack that will give you protein as well as the vitamins essential for the body.

Dry fruits or nuts are used as a seasoning to the meal, which is rich in protein as well as fiber and plays an important role in building muscle.

Also, consider a minimum of 30 minutes as a time gap between pre-workout meal and workout, because instantly working out after the meal can create problems while working out. As well as, do not exercise an empty stomach, it can lead to dizziness or you can faint.

Snacking Between Meals is Bad

Snacking can lead to bad health effects if the snacks are unhealthy or can harm you in any way. It can increase body weight, can harm the digestion, can cause bloating, etc.

If you are eating fatty foods, junk food, etc., between your meals, it will make you feel full lead to skip the regular healthy meals.

snacking between meals

If your regular meals are delayed, then the idea of snacking can have serious effects on your body. You should be aware of the quality of the snacks and the amount you consume of the unhealthy snack because you are calling the diseases to affect you.


The motivation for snacking comes from hunger, the basic need of an individual. Be careful before choosing between healthy or unhealthy snacks. Snack between meals can be helpful if it is healthy, but unhealthy snacks can only harm you.