Often regarded as the common clod of disorders, depression is a state of mental illness where one has a constant feeling of sadness, loneliness, purposelessness, or a “Why am I living?” kind of thing. Depression may or may not be fatal but it can lead to many other fatal diseases or disorders, not good for life. Here we will watch out for the physical symptoms and signs which prove that you are depressed, even if you think you aren’t.

Signs of Depression
  • Weight lossFor most of you reading this, you may or may not be struggling with your weight problems. Talking about depression, you lose interest in almost everything, food also, and you skip your diets, ultimately losing your weight. That’s why weight loss is considered more serious than weight gain in depression and one of the major symptoms and signs of depression.

  • InsomniaHere comes the sleep disorder. One of the major symptoms and signs of depression for almost every disease, depression is the most primary disease with this symptom along with anxiety. Depression often results in constant worrying and sleeplessness, uneven sleeping patterns. As a result, our immune system weakens and a habit of angriness develops, making us prone to more diseases.

symptoms and signs of depression

  • Headaches – A most common problem everyone faces almost the other day. They’re so common that we often write them as nothing serious. What can trigger a headache? Most probably stress, or a conflict with your co-worker or partner, anything. However, it might not always be induced by only stress. If you notice a switch to daily headaches, it could be a sign of depression. Unlike the major symptoms and signs of depression, depression-related headaches don’t really disturb your functioning. National Headache Foundation describes it as “tension headache”, which may feel like a mild throbbing sensation around the eyebrows.

symptoms and signs of depression

  • Decrease in energy levels – Why depression makes you so damn tired all the time? Ever wondered? Well part of the reason, depression and deliberating fatigue goes hand in hand because “depression affects neurotransmitters associated with alertness and the reward system” says Don Mordecai, a psychiatrist and the national leader for mental health and wellness at Kaiser Permanente. That means the illness psychologically has an impact on your energy levels and is amongst the other major symptoms and signs of depression.

symptoms and signs of depression

What impact does depression have on Pregnancy/Pregnant women?

Depression in women is very common. In fact, women are twice as more likely to develop critical depression as men. Up to one in four women is likely to have an episode of major depression at some point in life. So, what effect does it make on the pregnancy or pregnant women? The stress of pregnancy can contribute to the development of depression or a recurrence or worsening of depression symptoms. Depression during pregnancy can increase the risk of having depression after delivery, known as postpartum depression.