COVID- 19, a viral disease about which none of us knew until it attacked our country in utter suspicion. Today we all are surrounded by an invisible enemy and have to face the challenge without any advance preparedness. The situation has left all of us helpless and captivated in our own homes. The medical staff and other help services are working day and night to fight against the enemy just like the soldiers defending the country on borders. To stop the spread we too need to keep in mind a few things while shopping During Covid-19

It might be very difficult for all of us to stay home completely for days or even months, but it is the need of the hour. We cannot put our heroes in trouble by stepping out when they are ready to sacrifice their lives for us. LEO TOLSTOY has quoted, “The two most powerful warriors are time and patience”. Yes, we all need to give some time and stay positive in the hope that one day we will come out victorious. We should stay calm and support the steps taken by the government.

Time waits for no one, it is never constant, keeping this in mind we should adhere to the government rules and regulations. It is for our safety and security. So far we have been able to contain the spread of the virus in our country by keeping ourselves under self-quarantine. Besides this, there are certain precautions we should be aware while shopping During Covid-19 and before stepping out to purchase necessary items like groceries, household essentials, medicines, etc.

The ministry of health and family welfare has released some advisories that we all should follow in order to protect ourselves from getting infected.

1. We must cover our mouth with a mask or a hankerchief        

2. We must wear disposable gloves and should not use them for more than once.

3. We should avoid going in crowded areas.

4. We must not shake hands or greet others through close contact.

5. We must use a hand sanitizer before touching anything.

6. We must maintain sufficient distance from people especially those who are infected.

7. We can use the ‘AAROGYA SETU’ app to keep track of infected people around when we step out.

These are some of the necessary precautions we should be following to stop the spread of this dangerous virus. But above all we should not go out unnecessarily. It is difficult but this is the only way out. The disease is challenging the survival of mankind each day and the scientists and researchers are scratching heads with no vaccine or cure for this disease. Remember, “every cloud has a silver lining”. No matter how bad this situation might seem, there is a good aspect to it.