Modern Times has witnessed so many advancements in all aspects. Unfortunately, it has also seen growth in the number of people suffering from diseases. The highly competitive world demands everyone to be at their best. This attitude however puts stress in the minds of people and one should be well aware of ll the signs of stress.

signs of stress

Stress in small amounts is good. But nowadays every third person is a victim of anxiety. Stress doesn’t distinguish between a child, an adult, or an old person. It can happen to anybody. The best way would be to know how to cope with it. 

What is stress? 

Stress is defined as the body’s response to situations when we are in threat or in a very demanding position. It is a reaction to any change in our environment.  Whenever we experience stress the heart rate increases, breathing quickens and the blood pressure rises. Our body is naturally equipped in handling only small doses of stress. Stress is not completely bad as it pushes us to work harder and give out best.  

Causes of stress 

The causes of stress differ from one individual to another. What might trigger stress in one person might not cause the same in someone else. Reasons are- 

  • Getting married
  • Giving an exam
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Working in dangerous conditions 
  • Being unhappy with the current job and wanting to start a new one
  • To give a speech in front of colleagues
  • Give a class presentation

The causes can be work-related or life. 

Signs of stress

It is very important to know the symptoms of stress. We all are so accustomed to being stressed out that we don’t realize it’s an impact on us. 

Emotionally signs:- 

  1. Easily become irritated even at the smallest of things.
  2. Get a Terrible feeling about oneself. Results in depression and low self-respect.
  3. Feel the need to take control of everything. 
  4. Avoid interaction

Physically signs:-

  1. Energy levels are low
  2. Experience frequent headaches
  3. Nervousness and shaking of hands and legs when too much anxiety kicks in.
  4. Suffer from insomnia
  5. Diarrhea, constipation, and nausea 

Cognitive signs:-

  1. Analyzing ability declines
  2. Reduced concentration
  3. Overthinking. There is no peace in the mind. Constantly engaging in poor quality thoughts. Adopts a pessimistic approach.
  4. Easily forgot stuff

Behavioral signs:-

  1. Drastic change in appetite. Sometimes the urge is to eat too much or not eat anything at all. 
  2. Pacing, nail-biting
  3. Avoid confrontation and procrastinate all the due tasks
  4. Consumption of alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes increases substantially

The following are the ways to relieve stress:-

  • Exercise

signs of stress

Doing exercise regularly lowers the stress hormones also called cortisol. It releases endorphins which uplift the mood. It also boosts confidence in oneself and promotes self-esteem. 

  • Supplements

signs of stress

Some supplements have proven to reduce stress and anxiety-like lemon balm, Omega-3 fatty acids, ashwagandha, green tea, chamomile tea. All of them have antioxidants and stress-busting properties. 

  • Keep a journal

signs of stress

Pouring out everything that is making you anxious into a notebook helps in understanding what’s the reason for all this stress and brings gratitude.

  • Spending time with family and friends 

signs of stress

Spending quality time with the people close to us benefits our mental health immensely. We feel a sense of belonging and chemical oxytocin which is a stress reliever is released. 

  • Meditation, yoga

signs of stress

Indulge in mindful activities like meditation and yoga or even prayer. This helps in getting rid of the negative thought process that goes on in the restless mind.

The bottom line is that anybody can suffer from stress and anxiety in their personal lives, workplace, academic arena, etc but one should be well aware of all the signs of stress. Treatment of stress is pretty simple. All the tips are easy to perform. However, if it gets too much to handle consulting a doctor is always an option.

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