COVID-19 pandemic has left mankind struggle for its survival with no positive sign of recovery. The whole world is not conversant with this dangerous viral infection and is constantly racing with time for sustenance. It is said that “PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE”. Yes, prevention is the only way out to contain the further spread of the disease and protect ourselves.

To date, India is able to stop virus transmission by taking the timely steps of complete lockdown throughout the nation. The ministry of health and family welfare has released various advisories to control the viral infection from infecting people. It is our duty to adhere to those rules and support the government.

viral infection

With the increase in e-commerce services like doorstep delivery of the products, people have become quite addicted to it. Each and every item whether groceries, apparel, and accessories, fast food, etc all are being delivered at your home with ease and comfort. These services are very helpful in preventing public gatherings that are vulnerable to viral infection. The risk of transmission is maximum in crowded areas, whereby the practice of social distancing is being violated. Free home delivery service thus becomes a necessity in this hard time.

But there are certain precautions to be kept to avoid viral infection and the germs from entering our houses through mails and deliveries.
  1. The delivery boy must be well sanitized and cover the face with a mask.
  2. The product delivered at your door must be sanitized before opening.
  3. One must maintain distance with the delivery boy and try and avoid paying through cash.
  4. The service providers must screen their delivery men from time to time in order to avoid the risk of lives.
  5. There should be no compromise with the hygiene while preparation, packaging, and delivery of the products.

All these measures are essential to succeed in our fight against this contagious virus. Till then stay home and stay safe.