Working out is the best offering we can provide to our body because working out has numerous benefits. Workout keeps us fresh, energetic and helps in preventing many illnesses or diseases. Some people are ready at the crack of dawn; on the other hand, some of them cannot start to think about working out before noon. While working out is very useful, many people still struggle in finding the right and the best time to workout

What is the Best Time to Workout?

Working out in the morning, afternoon, evening, or at night has many advantages, but there is no reliable evidence that suggests that fat is burned at a specific point of time. 

  • Morning Workout: Working out in the morning, with an empty stomach is the best time for weight loss exercise. An empty stomach helps in burning more fat which leads to weight loss. 

Exercising in the morning helps you in experiencing better sleep. As the workout increase, heart rate and body temperature which provides you with more energy for the whole day and you can have a better sleeping pattern at night. 

  • Afternoon Workout: Many of the people benefits from the afternoon workout. Afternoon workout provides a performance boost, as till afternoon your body is already warmed up. One study says that your body burns more calories if your workout after lunch. 

Workout after lunch has shown to be advantageous for the hormone levels in your body. Testosterone (a hormone important for muscle growth) is produced in large quantities if you exercise during the late afternoon.

Best time to workout

  • Evening Workout: It has been seen that the people whom workout in the evening perform longer, the time one donates to the workout increases if done in the evening. The workout done in the evening helps in increasing the strength and relieving the stress more. 
  • Night Workout: Many people find exercising at night more convenient than at any other time. During the late-night workout, the building of muscle increases with the duration of the workout. 

Some of the people prefer late-night workout so that they cannot go to sleep feeling stuffed. And the sleep becomes sounder, as the workout has utilized all the energy of the body, and the sleeping benefits the body to relax and repair itself.  

  • The Bottom Line is that you have to first understand about your body clock, are you a night owl or an early bird, which is the thing that you don’t have to change about yourself.

You have to find the best time to work out, which you feel is beneficial, helps in reducing stress, and maintaining a healthy weight. Find the time which helps you make the workout a habit, and achieving your expectations. The lifestyle you choose depends on your comfort and needs. 

Workout – Myths & Facts

There is loads of information for the beginners and thousands of collection of programs such as strength training program, workout routines for beginners, beginner gym workout, weight loss workout, exercise classes near me, etc.

A beginner gets confused about what to choose and what not to choose. And people give so much advice to beginners on what to do for a workout. Following are some of the myths you should know about which will help you in working out. 

  • Myth – Stretching before the workout.
  • Fact – Stretching before can loosen tendons in your body and make muscle weak and less steady. But stretching after the workout has shown a beneficial impact on your body, which helps in easing out the stiff muscles and warming your body. 
  • Myth – Experiencing pain after a workout means that your muscles are growing. Or No pain, No Gain!
  • Fact – Because of this myth, people try to do a more intense workout to experience pain which is ineffective and can even harm your body. When you start with gym workout routines, you may experience pain for one or two weeks (after the workout). But if you experience pain or severe discomfort during the workout, that is an indication which your body is sending that you are doing something wrong. 


  • Myth – Running on a treadmill leads to similar results as running outside
  • Fact – Running on a treadmill is different from running outside. Because when you run outside, your body runs against wind and uneven street or road engages more of your muscles in your body. Running outside requires more energy and leads to burn 10% more calories than on a treadmill.
  • Myth – Crunches helps in ridding your body from belly fat
  • Fact – Crunches is a very helpful exercise, but it clinches your waistline. It helps in strengthening your abdominal muscles but that doesn’t lead to a reduction in belly fat. Here multi-muscle exercise will benefit more than targeting every region of core in your body.
  • Myth – Cardio is the best way to burn calories and lose weight.
  • Fact – Cardio helps in creating day-to-day calorie deficit which is crucial for losing weight. But in the long-run body burn more calories at rest and you won’t be adding this count to the deficit which will make your body lose essential components too. A combination of weight loss exercise and a healthy diet will be more beneficial.


For every individual following gym workout routines or outdoor gym routines or home workout routines is essential and has been effective. Forming a habit of working out is important for each individual during this pandemic. Either you workout in the morning or at night, either in the gym or at home, is your choice, but working out has been shown several benefits to your physical and mental functioning.

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