Mood Shifts or Mood Swings during periods or menstrual cycle is an abrupt and intense change in feelings and emotions of an individual. Mood swings in women are mostly seen during menses when they have their periods. 

A term is given to the mood shifts in women which is ‘roller coaster’. The way roller coaster works, up and down, round and upside down, like this, the woman experiences mood swings, as sometimes she feels happy, sometimes sad, irritated, angry, frustrated, etc. 

Mood Swings during periods or Menstrual Cycle

When a girl hits the teenage, she experiences some changes in her body, the process of these changes and the time-span is known as ‘puberty’. The body of a girl prepares itself for reproduction and the cycle of menstruation starts. From that point in time, you can see mood swings in girls.

There are many causes behind the mood swings during periods, which are:-

Menstruation is the first stage of the menstrual cycle, where the walls of the uterus start shredding because the matured egg is not fertilized. During this phase, a woman experiences cramps, backaches, sore breasts, a change in blood flow, etc. Due to this, the mood or emotions of a woman changes from time to time. 

Mood swings after the period, in another phase of the menstrual cycle, is known as ovulation. The women experience mood swings during ovulation, as after menstruation body increases the production of two hormones known as estrogen and testosterone. Because of these hormones, the sex drives of women increases.  

Stress is the main factor because of which a woman can experience mood swings. Stress has shown a harmful impact on our health and frustrations, irritations, worry, and state of stress can cause severe shifts in the mood.

mood swings during periods

Diet can be another reason as if an individual is not consuming enough nutrition it can lead to a shift in mood. Bodily response to this would be fluctuation in the level of blood sugar levels. 

Sleep is a reason which can influence mood. Incomplete sleep can cause irritation and frustration. While complete sleep will make a person feel fresh, energetic, and happy.

If you are pregnant, you will experience a load of mood swings. The cause behind these is stress, fatigue, and changes in the levels of hormones. During pregnancy, your body secretes hormones that affect the levels of neurotransmitters in the brain. These chemicals in the brain regulate the mood which can go from elated to depress. 

During menopause the woman experience longer changes in blood flow as the period stays from 5 days to a month. The irritation because of pads and changes in the flow of blood can lead to mood swings. The women feel frustrated and tired at the same time, because blood flow consumes energy, and make them feel low. 

Mood Swing Disorder

Mood swings during periods in the women can be because of any psychological conditions (disorders), which are:-

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) is a condition in which one experiences an extreme range of irritability, anger, depression, crying, oversensitivity, etc. In this condition, the emotional disturbances are connected to the changes in the release of hormones (especially estrogen) which happens throughout the menstrual cycle. This condition leads to uncontrollable mood shifts that hinder the normal functioning of an individual. 

Another condition is Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) in which the symptoms become severe and lasts at least a week or two before the menstruation. In this, if the women experience depression, it lasts for a minimum of a week. Some of the symptoms are deep sadness or despair with possible suicidal thoughts, panic attacks, crying, fatigue, and feeling out of control or overwhelmed, etc. 


There is a difference between mood swings during periods and extreme mood swings. Mood swings during periods or menstrual cycles are normal, but extreme or severe mood swings can be because of any psychological condition. If you are experiencing severe changes in mood and they hamper your normal functioning, you should seek a professional’s help, or else it can be harmful to you and even to the people around you.

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