Today, we all are constantly running for a healthy lifestyle through various forms of exercising, and by adopting good eating habits. We are always told to be active and regular in our routine. Consequently, “We have become an all or nothing society” i.e., we are either over exhausting ourselves with mad fitness regimes and fad diets or we are sitting and binging on whatever we like without even giving it a second thought but with that rest days gyms are an important part of the training as well.

rest days gym

Some people mistakenly believe that MORE IS ALWAYS BETTER, but when it comes to exercise that is simply not the case. A moderate workout routine always works best for the body wherein one gets ample of rest too. Whether you are training for an endurance race such as a marathon or lifting heavy weights for any sport or trying to maintain healthy body weight, it is essential to do the right amount of exercise as per your particular needs. 

Rest days gyms are an important part of the training. They might make you worry that you won’t lose weight or build strength, time off allows your body and mind to fully recover and grow. A successful fitness regimen is incomplete without proper rest. It is a critical part of progress regardless of your fitness levels. 

Here are some benefits of adding rest days gym to your gym schedule:

  1. Exercising creates tears in the muscle tissues. During rest, you give time to those worn-out muscles to repair, rebuild, and grow resulting in stronger muscles. Rest is the time when the beneficial effects of exercise take place. 
  2. During any workout, the carbohydrates turn into fuel and give you the energy to go on. This lost energy is replenished during the breaks between your fitness regimen.
  3. Rest prevents muscle fatigue and soreness. If you keep on doing a heavy workout without adequate rest, the sore muscles might lead to an injury and give cramps.
  4. Pushing yourself to overtraining reduces your performance. You may experience poor agility, decreased endurance, exertion, early fatigue. Rest prepares your body for consistent performance.
  5. Rest can help you get better sleep by balancing your hormone levels. 

Rest doesn’t mean to sit on a couch and binge on your favorite food; it actually means to help your body in healing the muscle loss. We can do a low impact workout like yoga, stretching, walking that will help us to remain active without over stressing the body.